White Paper - Greener Oil Production

The oil industry is under pressure. There is a paradigm shift in renewable energy and with the commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and to limit the global temperature rise to below 2°C above the pre-industrial level, the industry is facing much uncertainty.

The industry was barely recovering from one of the worst downturns in 2015/16,before the devastating impact of the Global pandemic. On top of it, the need to move towards cleaner energy, various institutions reports as well as uncertainty in future oil demand has created a profound negative impact on the investment in oil and gas projects. Hence, operators are focusing on revitalizing and extending the life of fields, as well as reducing the cost per barrel of oil, with the lowest possible carbon footprint along the entire value chain.

Read our White Paper to learn how our AICV® technology provides a positive impact on the environment and the economics.

Greener Oil Production. AICV® - The solution for a sustainable and economic production.