AICV® technology

Reliable and proven technology

The AICV® technology has been installed in over 70 wells worldwide without failure. The first AICV® well installed has been in production since 2015.

Proven to dramatically reduce or stop un-wanted gas and water ingress and enhance oil production.

Before the installations an extensive qualification test program has been successfully performed for several of the largest and most demanding E&P companies. The AICV® is fully qualified and verified for all applications, ranging from ultra-light oil to heavy oil including bitumen production.
The evaluations and experimental test series include erosion tests, plugging tests with drilling/completion mud and long-term performance. In addition, an example of single phase performance tests with model fluids for one AICV® strength is included. Several multiphase flow loop tests have been performed for different reservoir conditions and AICV® versions.