AICV® technology

More oil - less water & gas

Today, the world’s oil companies are producing dramatic volumes of water for every barrel of oil they produce from their wells. This is due to heterogeneities and fractures in the reservoirs, and that the mobility ratio between water and oil favour water to be produced. The environmental and economical benefits of reducing Water Cut (WC) and maintaining commercial oil production during the wells life time is enormous.

With lowering the WC, the oil production and recovery can be increased significantly. In horizontal wells with slotted / perforated liner water breakthrough will normally start after a few weeks/months after start-up due to the high mobility ratio, toe-heel effect and permeability variations.

Inflow Control Devices (ICD) has demonstrated that it can balance the influx along the wellbore, and hence delay the water breakthrough. However, when the breakthrough occurs, the water is still increasing rapidly.

The novel Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®) has demonstrated significant reduction of water cut in conventional oil fields with light, medium and heavy oil.