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Leading the way in Inflow Control Technology

InflowControl's focus is to provide technology to oil and gas companies which supports them in 'Making Better Wells'. AICV® technology enables oil companies to greatly lower production costs by reducing and/or stopping unwanted gas and water production yet increasing oil production and recovery.


InflowControl is an innovative Norwegian technology company with proven experience from developing and introducing new Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD) into a conservative oil industry. During the last two-decades, the use of inflow control technologies have dramatically improved well production, resulting in increased recovery factors, reduced water cut and gas oil ratio, drainage efficiency and wellbore cleanup.

InflowControls main focus is the AICV® technology that will increase oil and gas recovery in both offshore and onshore wells worldwide.

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Making Better Wells

Impressive results

InflowControl’s patented AICV® technology has repeatedly shown impressive results with several operators production wells.  Over 100 wells have been deployed as of Q3-2020.

Increasing ultimate oil recovery is one of InflowControl's primary objectives when developing and modelling the subsurface application of their patented AICVs within wells.  

Environmental benefits are achieved by reducing gas and water production, which supports companies goals of being less carbon intensive within their total production operations.

InflowControl's highly technical personnel have a wealth of subsurface, operational and research experience across a broad spectrum of subsurface technologies, inflow control devices (ICD) and autonomous inflow control devices (AICD) technology. This includes technology development, innovation, patenting, design, qualification and commercial production.

The combination of innovative mindset and understanding of reservoir and production engineering enables the company to complete its mission to improve oil recovery and production with novel inflow control technology. High quality delivery is highly prioritized at InflowControl, and quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 is implemented. The company is Achilles certified as a supplier for the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark.

InflowControl have state of the art Flow Control testing facilities in its modern headquarters located in Norway and have several regional offices which serve operators across the globe.

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Vidar Mathiesen

Dr. Vidar Mathiesen is CEO and co-founder of InflowControl AS. He has been head of technical research support at Statoil’s research centre, and has extensive experience from innovation and product development, qualification, modelling, installation and evaluation of ICD/AICD as Leading Research Scientist at Statoil and Hydro. Vidar has written a number of publications published in international journals and conferences, has submitted a number of patents in the field and received several innovation awards. He and Haavard Aakre are also the inventor of the Statoil-AICD, the RCP.

Bjørnar Werswick

Bjørnar Werswick is CTO and co-founder of InflowControl AS. He has 22 years' experience in innovation, product development and design in addition to qualification, manufacturing and installation of inflow control technology from Statoil, Hydro and InflowControl. He also has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, material selection, manufacturing technology and well completion. Bjørnar has submitted several patents/patent applications in this field. Bjørnar is also director of the board in InflowControl AS. He earned a B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering from University of South-Eastern Norway in 1997.

Haavard Aakre

Haavard Aakre is CTA and co-founder of InflowControl AS. He holds a Master of Science degree from NTNU and holds extensive experience from innovation and product development, qualification, delivery/manufacturing, installation and evaluation of inflow control at Statoil and Hydro. Haavard has extensive experience in the oil industry within areas such as production, separation, flow assurance and inflow control. Haavard has submitted a number of patents/patent applications in the field and in 2008 he received the StatoilHydro’s innovation award. He and Vidar Mathiesen are also the inventor of the Statoil AICD, the RCP.

Brent Brough

Brent Brough is CCO of InflowControl AS and hosts over 18 years of international experience. Having lived in Canada, Russia, UK, Norway and UAE, this brought experience in managing and leading diverse global teams. Experience from large and small technology companies (Schlumberger and RESMAN) where he built strong teams which delivered growth. He has board director experience in O&G tech and start-up venture companies. Earning an MBA in 2012 from Warwick Business School (specialized in Global Energy) and in 1999 graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering.

Maria Tho

Maria Tho is CFO of InflowControl AS and has more than 15 years of experience from senior finance and strategy positions with multinational and national enterprises. With a cross-industry experience including technology, banking, finance, travel, retail and more she has worked with several companies experiencing high levels of organic and inorganic growth. She earned a master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from the Institute of BI Norwegian School of Management in 2008 and a bachelor’s degree in Auditing from Oslo University College in 2003.