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AICV® can be applied for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and storage.

AICV® can be applied for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and storage. The AICV® has the capability to distinguish between fluids based on fluid properties as viscosity and density. Studies have verified that the AICV can be applied to shut-off carbonized water and super-critical CO2 and the first EOR AICV installation was performed in Canada 2015.

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CO2 as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) works most commonly by injecting CO2 into already developed oil fields where it mixes with and “releases” the oil from the formation, thereby freeing it to move to production wells. CO2-EOR projects resemble a closed-loop system where the CO2 is injected, produces oil, is stored in the formation or is recycled back into the injection well. One of the challenges is that breakthrough of free CO2 makes the process ineffective. The AICV® designed for CO2-EOR can shut off supercritical CO2 and water with CO2.

Experimental results from tests carried out with CO2, water, gas and different types of oil is encouraging. The oil companies using CO2 for EOR have pointed out the challenges with CO2 breakthrough and reproduction of large amounts of CO2 in heterogeneous and fractured reservoirs. For the purpose of storage of CO2 in the reservoir the AICV® has to close for both CO2 as gas/supercritical fluid and as CO2 solved in water.

An AICV® design that is capable of closing for water will also close for less viscous fluids as CO2 gas/supercritical fluid.