Case Studies

80% Gas Reduction with Light Oil in a Brownfield

Based on the successful results of the AICV® in shutting off unwanted gas and increasing oil production autonomously a number of new wells have been planned and deployed in the field.

One of the largest oil fields in the Middle East was developed in the 1960’s and the field was initially produced under natural depletion supplemented by gas injection. The high off-take rates led to a rapid displacement of the gas/oil contact, the field has been suffering from early gas/water breakthrough and uneven fluid influx along the horizontal wells. The reservoir which has been on production more than 50 years, and water and gas breakthrough from fractures are the major challenge negatively affecting the oil production rate. Due to this novel inflow control technologies were evaluated to control unwanted gas production.

After considering options such as conventional ICD and AICD from other vendors, the operator chose to implement InflowControls AICV® technology within their wells. InflowControl was tasked with the challenge to stop gas production and bringing the oil production back to commercial rates.
The AICVs were deployed in over twenty wells in the field that had extremely high Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) and low oil production. The AICV® can differentiate between fluid types based on viscosity, then when unwanted gas starts to be produced; AICVs start to choke the inflow area gradually until completely shut-off is achieved as the gas becomes the predominate phase.  All of this is achieved without well intervention. The unique comparison of production data before and after installing AICVs demonstrated the benefit of installing AICV®. The results demonstrated that the AICVs close for zones with high gas production and favor oil rich zones. The wells evaluated demonstrated clearly that the extremely high GOR was reduced to solution GOR, and at the same time the daily oil production was increased. 

Based on the successful results dozens of new wells were ordered for field deployment.