Case Studies

The AICV® can be designed for a variety of reservoir applications ranging from ultra-low oil viscosity for gas shut off and water choking, all the way up to heavy oil (both cold and thermal production).  That means your ICD strength can partly or fully choke off gas, steam and/or water. 

The AICV® can be adjusted to fit your reservoir strategy.

Gas Shut-Off for Ultra-Light Oil

Major operator had an oil well with viscosity less than 0.6 cP shut-in idle due to excessive gas.

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Gas Shut-Off for Light/Medium Oil

One of the largest Middle East oil fields had significant gas issues, keeping wells shut-in and idle.

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Water Shut-Off for Light Oil

The first AICV® well worldwide implemented in a major offshore field in the Middle East.

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Water Shut-Off for Medium Oil

ICDs can delay breakthrough but not stop production of unwanted fluids completely.

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EOR Well – CO2 Shut-Off

EOR programs utilizing CO2 often experience problem leaving bypassed oil in the ground due to CO2 fingering fr…

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SAGD - Steam Shut-off

The heavy oil operator wanted to stop steam breakthrough within their SAGD producing wells. In addition they a…

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