AICV® technology

Run in over 100 wells


Porsgrunn - Norway

Vidar Mathiesen,
Phone: +47 93096193


Dhahran - Saudi Arabia

Mahmoud Abd El-Fattah
Principal Reservoir Engineer


Abu Dhabi - UAE

Brent Brough
Phone: +971509249933
Nicholas Hooper
Sr. Business Development Manager
Phone: +971545853008


Muscat - Oman

Ahmed Fahmy
Reservoir Operations Engineer
Tejas Kalyani
Sr. Subsurface Engineer


Aberdeen - UK

Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail, Ph.D
Vice President - Subsurface
Phone: +447860733858


Moscow - Russia

Vitaly Shkred
Regional Manager - Russia & CIS


Houston - USA

Steven Fipke
Vice President - North & South America


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Ahmad Azri Bin Ahmad Kamal
Managing Director - Petrogroup


Bogota - Colombia

Ramon Rodriguez
CEO - HOSS Energy


Quito - Ecuador

Stalin Garces
President - TRIPOINT S.A.


Lagos - Nigeria

Brent Brough


Calgary - Canada

Steven Fipke
Vice President - North & South America

The AICV® technology has been installed in over 100 wells worldwide for a number of different E&P companies, from mid-sized independents up to the world’s largest O&G company.

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Stop Gas & Water

Proven with >100 wells installed globally, the O&G companies that utilized AICV® technology have been able to greatly reduce un-wanted water and gas production.

Increased Oil Production
By installing AICVs across the wellbore the reservoir is then capable to produce more oil as the AICVs remain open for oil yet close or greatly choke for high GOR or high WC zones.

Successful deployments have been proven across a wide spectrum of 'ultra light oil with 0.25 cP' to heavy oil /bitumen with >1000 cP viscosity.  Installations has been installed in several different countries with several different operators.

Increasing oil production and reducing water = better environmental benefits and dramatically better economics.

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